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Catch and Release Goose Hunting


2019 Fall Report

Perhaps an appropriate term to describe our season would be simply “fun”. We had a solid season through-out and some spectacular things happened…like one of our hunters, after they had their limit of snows, sat up and grabbed a goose with his hands, looked it in the eye and then let it fly away. Watch the video on the home page, if you want to feel the excitement. I have thought that catching one with your hands would be possible but had never heard of it actually happening. Catch and release is not a phrase that is often used with snow goose hunting! I wonder if snows ever “sit around the campfire and tell stories”. That goose would have the best tale! We should have tagged it. It would be interesting to know the rest of its story.

Each week we had a minor rain event (and snow in Sept.) that was stressful for me as the outfitter but was mostly just a bit inconvenient for our hunters. Our duck, crane and honker seasons were average but our snow goose hunting was better than the last couple of years. Our final group averaged about 115 birds per day. It was satisfying to dominate snow geese again. 2018, with virtually no juveniles and challenging weather, was a bit hard on our confidence.

Our goal is to get better every year. We have excellent equipment and feel like we learned a few more things in 2019 about how to organize and use what we have. And, as happens every year, we think of some ideas for more helpful equipment for the 2020 season.

As I reflect on our season, I am thankful for the wonderful friends that come here to hunt. With so many returning clients, our outfitting has resulted in very enjoyable long-term relationships. I am thankful for Dan as well. He is a “God-sent” to me. Anyone who has been with him while he is guiding knows how good he is at what he does and how enjoyable he is to be around.

Best to you and your family.


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